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Ever want to join an Elite society?

Mission Statement:

"To pursue knowledge, cultivate experiences, and forge self-progressive enlightenment"

The Aes Sídhe Society is for those seeking to travel the world, make a difference in their community, challenge themselves both physically and/or academically, and make new friends!

What we do

Our society facilitates cultural and academic personal growth.

We came up with huge bucket-list, then divided it into ranks! 

Not only are we a 501c10 non-profit organization, but we also work directly with other non-profits. We offer scholarships to both non-members and members alike. For those interested in Paleontology and volunteering in developing countries, we cover 100% of the program fees! 

We provide equal opportunities for all members, no matter your income, to join organized international group trips. Our primary focus is to help you gain new experiences and educate yourself!

Our society has no employees or members that are fiscally compensated. All monetary earnings are donated via charitable avenues to those less fortunate or is given back to members through events, prizes, raffles, and travel expenses.

We even have our own Podcast that you can appear on! We are a family-friendly organization, a great club to join with your spouse. Life is fleeting, so make the most by adventuring now. Let's build a House that is full of adventure, mystery, challenges, celebrations, and preserve each of our lives for hundreds of years to come. 

Membership Dues


1 mo/$10 *available for those with financial restrictions

6 mo/ $70 ($11.67/mo)+Book materials

1 yr/ $120 ($10.00/mo)+Book materials

2 yrs/ $200 ($8.34/mo)+Membership Card & Book materials

5 yrs/ $450 ($7.50/mo)+Membership Card & Book materials+Sash

10 yrs/ $800 ($6.66/mo)+Membership Card & Book materials+Sash

Lifetime / $2,000 one-time payment+Membership Card & Book   

Materials + honorary embroidery+Sash